Maa Durga

The Goddess of Power


Lord Durga symbolizes the power of the supreme being that maintain mortal order and righteousness in the universe.The Sanskrit word Durga means a fort or a place that is protacted and thus difficult to reach.Goddess Durga is also known as the mother of vedas.Other names of Maa Durga are Ambika,Jagdamba, Kali Maa , Parvati, Sherawali.Maa Durga is also known is the divine spouse of Lord Shiva.Goddess Durga is the divine mother who protacts humans from evil and misery by destryoing evil forces such as selfishness , jealously , hatred , anger and ego.She has Trident, Chakra, Snake, Conch shell, Mace, Bow, Long sword, Thunderbolt to destroy  evils.Worship of the Goddess Durga is very popular among the hindus.The love of Maa Durga is like a free flowing river.She loves her each and every devotees without any discrimination. 
                                            In Her images Maa Durga is shown in a female form.She wears red cloths and has eighteen arms,carrying many objectes in Her hands.The red colour symbolizes action and the red clothes signify that Maa Durga always destroying evils continously and protecting people from bad effects of such evils. 
                      It is believed that once the existence of the universe was under a threat by a devil named Mahishasura. The Gods pleaded Lord Shiva to protact the universe from evils.Lord Shiva asked the three goddess , Goddess Saraswati, Goddess Durga and Goddess Lakshmi to release their power.The power emerged and a Goddess of exceptional power appeared with many arms.She was beautiful as well as ferocious.She was an extremely gorglous girl with rage.The Gods named Her Durga, the invincible.The Gods furnished her with all their arm.Maa Durga travels on a lion to the top of a mountain.In a violent battle, She killed Mahishasura and thus saved the world from demon's threat.

Temples of Maa Durga in India